Top 5 affordable places to live near Washington DC​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

It’s no surprise that the nation’s capital is pricey to live in. Even if you are banking 6 figures, getting a nice apartment in a pretty good neighborhood would be doing a lot of damage to your savings. However, for those who may not already know, Washington DC is part of the tristate area with Virginia and Maryland.  We will explore the 5 best affordable neighborhoods to live near Washington DC. These areas have metros that give you direct access to DC from matter of minutes to an hour tops.

1. Arlington, VA

If you are looking for convenience and value right near Washington DC then this is your best bet. It’s just across the river from Washington DC, 5-15 minutes’ walk from Georgetown, DC. It’s a very lively, diverse neighborhood filled with young professionals. Of course, when there is an area filled with young professionals, so are the options for entertainment – lot of shopping, dining and bar options.  It’s one of the best places to live near DC for singles.

Metros in Arlington: Ballston, Clarendon, Court House, Virginia Square- GMU, Rosslyn

Average Travel time to downtown DC: 15 minutes

Median Rent:
Studio: $1,589, 1-Bedroom:$1,863, 2-Bedroom: $2,441

2. Bethesda, MD

Bethesda is Maryland’s upbeat place for young professionals to live. Just like Arlington, it has plenty of dining, food, shopping and bar options. It’s about 10-15 minutes’ drive from National Cathedral, DC.

Metros in Bethesda: Betheda,  Medical Center- NIH, Friendship Heights, Grosvernor-Strathmore

Average Travel time to downtown DC: 30 minutes

Median Rent

Studio: $1,470 1-Bedroom:$1,704 2-Bedroom: $2,091

3. Mclean, VA

A little bit further away from Arlington, you get McLean. It’s one of the best places to live in Northern Virginia and is the home to the biggest mall in the tri-state area and 9th biggest mall in the entire country. This place is surrounded by high-end malls, dining, corporate offices and home to the metro link that gives you direct access to Washington DC. This place is dominated by young professionals and families thus making it suitable for all demographics.

Metros in McLean: Tyson’s Corner, Dunn Loring

Average Travel time to downtown DC: 40 minutes

Median Rent

Studio: $1,756 1-Bedroom:$1,917 2-Bedroom: $2,500

4. Rockville, MD

Rockville is a little further away into Maryland but it’s a great option for families who want to settle down. It is home to parks; man-made lake surrounded by shops, dining and theaters (Rio); seasonal ice skating rink.

Metros in Rockville: White Flint, Rockville, Twinbrook, Shady Grove

Average Travel time to downtown DC: 45 minutes

Median Rent

1-Bedroom:$1,393 2-Bedroom: $1,975

5. Reston, VA

Reston is an upcoming up-scale neighborhood in Northen Virignia. Home to offices like Microsoft, it’s becoming a hot live-in place for young professionals and families alike. With the direct link to Washington DC by newly constructed Silver line metro, you aren’t too far from the happening events in the capital. It is home to a town center filled with bars, restaurants, theaters and apartments. The place is happening till wee hours of the morning and you won’t ever feel bored living here.

Metros in Reston: Wiehle-Reston East

Average Travel time to downtown DC: 45 minutes

Median Rent

1-Bedroom:$1,773 2-Bedroom: $1,789

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