Top 5 Areas For Singles To Live In New York City

Some might argue that the Big Apple should be called Little India instead. After all, there are a lot of Indians residing there and guess what? It isn’t decreasing every year. Even so, choosing a place to live can be cumbersome since NYC is one heck of a city itself. But fret not, for here comes your knight in shining armor!

Best neighborhoods for singles to live in NYC:

1. East Village

Dubbed as the mecca for students and young professional alike, East Village is a place that has the crème de la crème. It houses the Webster Hall, which is a music spot for the world’s best musicians. Seeing hipster-like graffiti on the streets is a norm here. Yeah, you can use them to get the Insta-perfect photo. If you’re a dog owner, there’s the Tompkin’s Square Park for your pet. Who knows maybe you’d bump into the love of your life while walking with your dog? East Village is definitely the best as it has a plethora of fine dining restaurants nearby.

Single Population: 62%

Median Asking Rent: $3,150

Crime Rate: 71% lower than the national average

Walk Score: 98 out of 100

Transit Score: 96 out of 100

Bike Score: 90 out of 100

Interesting Places Close By: Ten Degrees, The Garret, The Belfry, Good Night Sonny

2. Bushwick

Ah, here comes Bushwick! A creative haven for artists and a place where almost everyone you meet is into arts. After all, there are over 50 artist studios around Bushwick. So, if you’re one to appreciate arts, be sure to check out the weekend art openings. Since you’re living in a creative haven, it might be good to immerse yourself in the Bushwick art. Chances are you might meet someone with the same interest as you at the art openings.

Single Population: 56%

Median Asking Rent: $2,500

Crime Rate: 17% lower than the national average

Walk Score: 95 out of 100

Transit Score: 90 out of 100

Bike Score: 69 out of 100

Interesting Places Close By: Tandem, Wreck Room, Boobie Trap, Bossa Nova Civic Club

3. Astoria

What do single people like the most? Well, it’s to mingle! Here in Astoria, singles can enjoy the nightlife scene at its finest. There are tons of nice bars and restaurants that you can go on your first date. Whether you’re looking for craft beers or just a one night stand, Astoria has it all! The list is endless, really. On top of that, Astoria is a good place if you’re tight on apartment budget. Their rent is a whole lot cheaper than Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Single Population: 47%

Median Asking Rent: $2,167

Crime Rate: 38% lower than the national average

Walk Score: 92 out of 100

Transit Score: 78 out of 100

Bike Score: 71 out of 100

Interesting Places Close By: Zbar Astoria, La Sala, Jasmin Lounge, Baroque, Karaoke Shout

4. Lower East Side

Yes, Lower East Side or LES is absolutely stunning at night. Here, you can experience the true definition of the Big Apple, a city that never sleeps. The LES used to be a slum, so there’s always the nitty gritty despite the standing of high-end stores. But frankly speaking, that’s the beauty of LES. It fuses the past and present side by side.

Single Population: 45%

Median Asking Rent: $2,995

Crime Rate: 21% lower than the national average

Walk Score: 96 out of 100

Transit Score: 92 out of 100

Bike Score: 91 out of 100

Interesting Places Close By: Beverly’s, Nurse Bettie, Local 138, The Stanton Social, Keybar

5. Downtown Brooklyn

The heart of Brooklyn, Downtown Brooklyn’s nightlife will never disappoint you. This place is buzzing with young people (mostly, single) from various industries such as business, arts, and technology. It’s the perfect spot to look for a potential mate. Say no to hanging out alone on Valentine’s Day. For there are many hookup bars around town! Dress nice and get social!

Single Population: 38%

Median Rent: $2,750

Crime Rate: 71% lower than the national average

Walk Score: 97 out of 100

Transit Score: 100 out of 100

Bike Score: 88 out of 100

Interesting Places Close By: House of Wax, Barcade, Hot Bird, The Alibi, Kitty Kiernans

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