Known for its innovation, entrepreneurship, and techy vibes, Silicon Valley is a vibrant community located in the southern San Francisco Bay Area, California. The Valley has a lot of communities that cater to different needs. Some of us might prefer a different lifestyle, a lower cost of living, or maybe more quiet. Here are five cities in Silicon Valley you might want to consider moving to:


Located to the west of San Jose, Cupertino is a small suburb that is ideal for couples and new families. For a start, the city boasts some of the best elementary schools in the US. It is also quiet, safe, and great for raising a family. Cupertino also offers a lot of employment opportunities (Apple.inc, anyone?) and great housing options. You can choose to live in an Eichler home, which typically dons a flat roof, a glassy exterior, and open floor plans. It also houses a large Asian community. On the negative side though, Cupertino lacks a nightlife, is pretty expensive, and can be a little boring sometimes.

Palo Alto:

Fraternal Hall Building, 140 University Ave., Palo Alto, CA

Packing youthful vibes, Palo Alto is a suburb rife with students, techies and executives. The city is home to Stanford University, which offers great medical services, sporting events, and other things such as access to a beautiful campus and a stellar academic community. The city is usually safe with and is very bike-friendly. Trains to San Fransisco and nearby cities are also available. The community is friendly, down to earth and hosts some of the brightest minds from all over the world. As with any city in the bay area, rent can be pretty expensive and traffic is a nightmare.

Downtown San Jose:

Full of hip bars, trendy eateries, and other fun stuff, downtown San Jose is the place to be for young singles. The city comes to life at night with local bars and clubs buzzing with activity. There’s also a Japantown nearby waiting to be explored with its rich culture and unique architecture. In contrast with other Silicon Valley suburbs, Downtown Jose gives one more of a big-city experience. What’s more, the city is a short commute to Silicon Valley. There are also many other fun things to do such as the San Jose Sharks games, sideway cafes, upscale steakhouses, and music concerts.

Mountain View:

Love food? This is the place for you. Offering world-class cuisines from all over the world, from Italian to Latin American and Japanese, dining out in Mountainview is a whole different experience altogether. Head over to the Shoreline Amphitheater for awesome music venues and listen to some of the world’s top artists play. Castro street is full of bookstores, public areas, and a great weekend farmers market. It is also more culturally diverse as compared to other suburbs in the Valley. 

In terms of work, Mountain View offers a ton of opportunities as it is home to several startups such as Quora, Y Combinator, and Linkedin. Real estate is cheaper compared to other regions.

Menlo Park:

A favorite amongst runners and cyclists, Menlo Park is a great place to be for those looking for some peace and quiet. As with most Silicon Valley suburbs, Menlo Park hosts great weather and is also very safe at all times of the day. The suburb is close to Sand Hill Road, the home of Silicon Valley’s venture capitalists. The neighborhood also hosts great medical care and schools. Stanford University is also located close by. Unfortunately, Menlo Park lacks cultural diversity and isn’t very happening.

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