Canadian Express Entry Guide

So, you’ve decided to move to Canada! There are tons of great things about moving to Canada. For starters, it’s been rated as the 7th Happiest country in the world1. Canada’s air quality is among the best in the world2. Canadian passport gives you access to 172 countries without visa, beating countries like the U.S., whose passport gives you access to 116 countries without visa3.

If you are looking to move to Canada, NOW is the time to do so. They have immigration programs that’d allow you to get Canadian residency in as less as 6 months.

So, let’s dive right into it. I am going to be specifically talking about Federal Skilled Workers program. Canada follows a skill-based immigration to allow people to immigrate to Canada. They use an online system called “Express Entry” to manage all the incumbent applications.

A lot of people get confused between Express Entry and Federal Skilled Workers (FSW) program and wonder if they are two different types of application programs to immigrate to Canada. This is NOT the case. Express entry is the electronic system that you’d use to fill in your application details and ‘Federal Skilled Workers’ is a category of immigration.

In other words- when you create an Express Entry profile, the information you provide is used to determine whether you are eligible for FSW program.

All these posts are presented in sequential order. Go through each of them one by one. Of course, you always have the option to go back to a particular section, in case you need any clarifications.

How are people selected for Canadian PR?

When you create an express entry profile, you get a ...
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CRS Points trajectory and how do you predict your CRS points?

Let’s look what the cut off has been for the ...
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Breakdown of cost for the entire process

Here’s the breakdown of all the costs that you will ...
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Things you need to do before setting up your Express Entry Profile:

Check your National Occupational Classification (NOC): Canada uses NOC system ...
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Getting started with creating an Express Entry application

This post will show you step-by-step on how to create ...
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Supporting Documents Required – Post creation of Express Entry Profile

Ok, now the waiting game begins. Well, not exactly. This ...
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Post ITA

Here's an example of ITA when you receive it: When ...
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All you need to know about upfront medical exam

Where to get your medical exam taken: You need to ...
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Post documents submission:

The processing time is less than 6 months for permanent ...
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Passport Request:

For the final stage of your application, Canada Government would ...
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Preparing for departure

COPR is a temporary visa that would allow you to ...
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