Supporting Documents Required – Post creation of Express Entry Profile

Ok, now the waiting game begins. Well, not exactly. This is the best time for you to start collecting your documents while you wait for your ITA (Invitation to Apply). If your CRS points matches or is higher than the cut off draw points (there are two draws per month) and you are one of the chosen ranked ones, you will get an ITA for Canadian permanent residency.

Remember: you have only 60 days after you get your ITA to submit all your documents. Failure to do so will result in cancellation of your ITA.

Hence, think of this as bonus time to start collecting all your documents as some might take time (like getting Police clearance certificates). Let’s go over all the supporting documents you’d need. In the last column, I am mentioning whether it’d be a good idea to keep the documents ready prior to ITA so that you have a quicker turn around of submitting all the documents once you get your ITA.

Documents Checklist

Police Certificates
PCC is required for every country other than Canada, in which you lived for 6 months or more. This would be for the last 10 years or since the age of 18.

If you are 25, you’d need to submit all PCCs since you were 18. If you are 40, you’d need to submit all PCCs since you were 30.

PCC for India:

PCC for USA (if you are residing in India):

Expert opinion: Start the process prior to ITA
Employment Records You must provide proof of each of your current and previous work experiences

Your evidence should include a reference letter from your employer & Bank statement towards proof of your salary, previous pay stubs/ Bank statement, where available.

Expert opinion: Start collecting the employment records prior to ITA
Proof of means of financial supportYou must provide an official letter issued by your financial institution indicating your financial profile.

Properties cannot be used as proof of funds. Ideally, show in form of account balances (FDs are fine).

Expert opinion: Get the documents after ITA so that it’s the most recent.
Proof of Medical ExamYou require a medical exam. Instructions on how to get a medical exam can be found here

Expert opinion: Give an upfront medical exam post ITA
Educational DocumentsYou need to provide proof that you completed your post-secondary education.

Documents you need to attach under Education:
Final Transcripts
WES ECA Documents
IELTS Scores

Expert opinion: Keep them ready prior to ITA
Passport (Multiple)Scan all pages of all the passports you (and accompanying applicants) have held.

Expert opinion: Doesn’t take too long to scan passports. Can be done before or after.
Birth CertificateScanned birth certificate from Registrar’s office
Marriage CertificateScanned marriage certificate from the registrar’s office (if applicable).
PhotosPhotos must be as per the following specifications: