Things you need to do before setting up your Express Entry Profile:

  1. Check your National Occupational Classification (NOC): Canada uses NOC system to classify different jobs in Canada. These jobs are grouped based on job duties. There are 4 skill types:

    Skill type 0 (zero): Management jobs such as restaurant managers, mine managers.
    Skill level A: Professional jobs that usually need a degree from university. (Such as: IT professional jobs, Architect, Engineers).
    Skill level B: Technical jobs that require college diploma or training as an apprentice. Ex: Chef, Plumber, electricians.
    Skill level C: Intermediate jobs that require high school diploma. Such as Butchers, restaurant servers.
    Skill level D: Labor jobs such as fruit pickers, cleaning staff.

    Express Entry requires applicants to be Skill type 0, A, B for consideration. So, you need to ensure that your current job duties correspond with the listed NOCs and are of the above-mentioned Skill types.

    Use the link to find out your NOC:

    For example, if you worked as a Business analyst, your NOC would be 2171 (Information System Analysts and Consultants)
    If you are a software Engineer, your NOC would be 2173.

    Important: It is imperative that you check out your duties listed under NOC and ensure it matches with your current list of duties. These duties would later have to be substantiated with employment verification letters where the job duties mentioned would need to match with the job duties listed under that NOC.
  2. World Education Services (WES) evaluation: If you received your degree- Bachelor’s or higher from a university outside of Canada, you’d need to have your degree evaluated by WES. This is a must for every applicant without a Canadian degree.
    Note that your WES evaluation should be done only for the highest degree that you have received. So, for example, if you have done both Bachelor’s or Master’s, you should have WES evaluate only your Master’s degree.
    WES takes couple of months for completely evaluating the degree and getting back so this should be one of the first steps you’d need to take before creating your Express Entry profile.

    Important points:
    There is WES Canada and WES USA. Your transcripts should be sent to WES Canada.
    Link for sign up:
    Cost: 220 CAD (

    Your transcripts should be mailed directly by your institution to WES Canada. Do not individually mail your transcripts. You should reach out to your institution and ask them to mail your final transcripts to WES Canada directly. WES will not accept documents sent by applicants themselves or any third party agents.
  3. IELTS: While you are busy coordinating to get your transcripts submitted to WES Canada, it’d be a good idea to start preparing for your IELTS General Training exam. IELTS offer Academics and General Training Tests. Ensure that you’re only giving IELTS General Training exam.
    IELTS exams are administered by either IDP or British Council. You can go for either depending on your location and test date availability.
    British Council IELTS exam registration:
    IDP IELTS exam registration:
    Results: Results are out in usually 2 weeks.
  4. Financial Proof of funds: Since you will be immigrating to Canada, you’d need to show that you have a certain amount of funds to ensure that you will be able to survive there before you find a job. The amount is dependent on how many people will be part of the application.
Number of family members moving Funds required (CAD)
1 $12,669
2 $15,722
3 $19,390
4 $23,542
5 $26,701
6 $30,114
7 $33,528
Each additional family member $3,414

The above table shows the minimum amount you’d need to move to Canada. These funds cannot be in form of property value. They need to be in liquid format (FDs or account balance).