US firm pays $58,815 to two employees for H1B visa violations

As part of the latest crackdown by the Trump administration on H1B visas, a U.S. company has to pay $58,000 to two of its employees. This was as a result of a federal investigation that found the company guilty of violating H1B guidelines. This comes recently after four Indians were charged with H1B visa fraud.

Login Consulting Services Inc. provides services to private corporations, technology firms, and state and local government agencies. Those recruited and employed by the firm primarily serve in positions relating to software development, computer engineering, and business data analysis, the Department of Labor said.

Wage and hour division of the apartment found the company based out of California guilty of violating two guidelines. As per the H1B law, the employer must bear all the charges related to filing the H1B petition for all its employees. Login Consulting Services Inc charged the employee for the petition fees in one case.

In another violation, the company paid an employee less than what was promised on the Labor Certification Application (LCA).

“Employers who wish to hire guest workers must fully familiarize themselves with the H-1B foreign labor certification program. The program is there to help American companies find the highly skilled talent they need when there is a shortage of U.S. workers,” said Wage and Hour Division District Director Kimchi Bui, in Los Angeles, California.

Kimchi Bui added, “The resolution of this case demonstrates our commitment to safeguard American jobs, level the playing field for law-abiding employers, and ensure no one is being paid less than they are legally owed.”

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