All You Need To Know – Applying for Social Security

Social Security Number (SSN) is a nine-digit number provided to US citizens, non-citizens who wish to work in the country. It has become a primary source of identification in the country. From opening bank accounts to getting a new phone connection to filing your taxes, one needs to provide their SSN. One must always be […]Read More

Most Sponsored H-1B Occupations (Non-IT Edition)

H-1B visas are notoriously known to go to mostly IT professionals. However, companies sponsor H-1B visas for several non-IT jobs. If you have a non-IT background, don’t lose hope as there’s always a chance company would sponsor your work visa if they can’t source local talent. If your occupation doesn’t feature in the list, you […]Read More

Most Sponsored H-1B Occupations – 2019

If you are a non-immigrant looking to work in the U.S.A then you need a company to sponsor your H-1B work visa. This visa allows you to work for the employer sponsoring it. You are at the mercy of a company to decide whether they’d want to sponsor you for H-1B visa or not. If […]Read More

H-1B Sponsoring Companies – The Biggest And The Best

If you are an immigrant wishing to work in the USA, you’d need to eventually get an H-1B visa. H-1B visa is a non-immigrant work visa that allows you to work for the company sponsoring it. One cannot sponsor their own H-1B visa. Companies would need to sponsor your H-1B visa if they deem that […]Read More

H1B Visa Denial – Why Diligent Paperwork Is Now More

It is not an uncommon fact that most H1B visas require extensive paperwork and takes at least a few weeks to get it all sorted. The H1B visa petitions are granted if it meets the “Specialty Occupation” requirement, that is, the occupation requires a minimum Bachelor’s degree in a specific field of study. A recent […]Read More

US firm pays $58,815 to two employees for H1B visa

As part of the latest crackdown by the Trump administration on H1B visas, a U.S. company has to pay $58,000 to two of its employees. This was as a result of a federal investigation that found the company guilty of violating H1B guidelines. This comes recently after four Indians were charged with H1B visa fraud. […]Read More

Four Indians charged with H1B visa fraud in the USA

Four Executives of staffing companies based out of the USA were arrested on charges of fraudulently using the H1B program to gain an unfair advantage over competitors. The four executives are namely – Vijay Mane, 39, of Princeton (NJ); Venkataramana Mannam, 47, of Edison (NJ); Fernando Silva, 53, of Princeton (NJ) and Sateesh Vemuri, 52, […]Read More