Higher Education in the USA? All You Need to Know

Firstly, it’s great that you’re considering the US for higher studies. Figuring out how to go about it can be initially overwhelming but with proper research, you can come up with an action plan that you can implement to eventually gain admission in the college of your choice in the US. Despite whatever is covered […]Read More

Best Engineering Universities in the USA: GRE Score 320- 340

You got your GRE test results and you have nailed your exams! Getting a GRE score between 320-340 will put you in contention for the most elite colleges in the USA. Before we get to the list, you must note that even though GRE score is an important part of the college application, it’s not […]Read More

All You Need To Know About OPT

You just graduated this fall and couldn’t be happier. Congratulations! Now that your studies have concluded, you’ll have to make a few visa arrangements to ensure your stay in the US. As an international student, you will have to file for something known as the Optional Practical Training (OPT). This is a temporary work permit […]Read More